• Igniting passions and talents.
  • Relevant skills for thriving careers.
  • Fostering caring and connected relationships.


“When I get frustrated, I always try to remember to check my A.B.L.E. and this helps me to get back on track,” Student.


Goal Directed

“This system provides students a set of skills to help them to accomplish the dreams they have in mind,” 4th grade teacher.



“A.B.L.E. classes are fun...we learn a lot about careers and have a good time while we are doing it,” Student.


Rather than focusing exclusively on bullies, the A.B.L.E. SYSTEM mitigates the impact of bullying by encouraging the targets of bullies not to engage in this interaction. This novel approach serves to “starve the bully's negative behavior so it will fade away” by not allowing negative comments to be received by the target. Typically, targets attempt to argue with the bully to “change the bully’s mind” which proves to be ineffective in most cases. A.B.L.E holds to the belief that everyone is a “person and not a puppet” for a bully to manipulate. “Cut those strings” is the mantra of A.B.L.E. for the target to regain their personal power over being bullied. A.B.L.E. also engages bullies by helping them to understand that positive interactions with others are a better way to meet their needs. WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

“Since implementing A.B.L.E., we have seen double digit increases in our student’s levels of hope, engagement and well-being as measured by the Gallup Student Survey.” - Terry George, Principal - USD 309
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I AM A.B.L.E., LLC is proud to announce the nation-wide launch of the able-system.com website. The system will now be available for schools across the United States to maximize their time, money, energy and resources for positive change with students. The A.B.L.E. System fits seamlessly into any existing initiative and serves to enhance student levels of hope, engagement, well-being and positive behavior. It supports character development, college and career readiness, Habits of Mind, anti-bullying efforts and the socio-emotional/motivational component for the common core. Soon to come will be A.B.L.E. applications for business and industry, welfare to work and interpersonal and familial relationships. The core components of the A.B.L.E. SYSTEM can be applied to bring success to any human endeavor!

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The A.B.L.E. program addresses the whole child and that child's future hopes and dreams.
Kathy Martin - Kansas BoE